About us

At SoftPRO we seek to raise the quality of educational services to a higher level. We strive to ensure that the educational programs of companies are perceived by their customers as interesting and engaging, and above all as valuable. We strongly believe that only an informed and well-educated customer is able to make a rational purchase decision.Our mission is to increase revenues in potential markets. We want to achieve this by creating an interactive educational platform for distributors. Increased knowledge, increased awareness mean more optimal decisions and reduced project negotiation time.


Our main fields of activities are business communication and software development. We adjust the level of competency of distributors on a B2B segment on the lighting market.

Business consulting

We provide wide range of consulting services. Our services could be useful to build a sustainable management, build sales pipeline and set up specific marketing activities.

Software implementation

Help in picking up a proper software to increase your communication effectiveness. We work with personalized software and solutions existing on a market

Developing dealership programs

Developing a perfect customer profile, building a strategies for a communication with perspective dealers and partners, creating solutions that benefit both sides 


Luxon is the fastest growing lighting manufacturer in Europe, according to Deloitte.